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Dr. Gerut and his staff provide a loving ,caring, professional environment conducive to the best experience and results. After 2 years of research I am confident I could not have found a better surgeon and practice. Dr. Gerut has changed my life!


I can go on and on about Dr. Gerut but to keep it personal and private I would give him a 10 star out of 5 (10 out of 5 give him double the amount of stars) if I could’ve because he is such an amazing doctor, brilliant, beyond comforting and so knowledgeable. I recommend him to EVERYONE for any type of plastic surgery. I promise you won’t be disappointed. Any one who I’ve came in contact with 1) would’ve never known they had plastic surgery and 2) it was done by Dr. Gerut. And for those who look at me they can’t tell what I got done but stare as they notice some thing is different on me but they can quite figure it out, that was the exact goal of the surgery. Thank you for everything, Dr. Gerut.

IVY – MAY 2017

Where do I even begin!!!!!! Dr. Gerut is by far the most compassionate humble human being I have met in a very long time!!!! My consultation was just amazing and we had a great connection!!! I look forward to my tummy tuck surgery and I have ZERO concerns of anything going wrong…. I KNOW I am in good hands!!! And the staff were just AMAZING


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