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Breast Augmentation – Dr. Gerut and his staff are Amazing!!!! Several friends with very positive results had recommended Dr. Gerut to me. I couldn’t be happier I chose him as my doctor. He is the only doctor I consulted with and knew after the consult I didn’t need to look further. He is experienced, talented and compassionate. I also need to mention the wonderful staff that works for him. They are amazing! From day one to all the post op appointments, Dr. Gerut and his staff were always so warm and understanding.

DIRKRE123 – JULY 2017

Nose Surgery – Top Surgeon & Ultra-Compassionate — The Best. My nose was fractured in an unfortunate dispute with my brother. My girlfriend had seen Dr. Gerut many times previously and highly recommended him. He promptly saw me and outlined a logical plan of action, never being overly aggressive with either me or with regards to a separate procedural inquiry for my girlfriend. I ultimately elected nasal surgery and Dr. Gerut realigned my nose perfectly. During surgery, he also noticed that I had separate, unrelated septum issues. However, he said as long as I had no problems that I shouldn’t touch it — another example of not being ‘pushy’. He and the entire office staff are so professional and compassionate that I actually looked forward to going into the office for the procedure. Crazy, right? It gets even better. My brother had agreed to pay for it — afterwords, I was nearly reduced to tears when I found out that Dr. Gerut didn’t even charge him because he was a military veteran with several combat tours and a Purple Heart. Dr. Gerut quietly did this on his own volition, never telling me about the massive discount until I found out. In my experience, it’s rare to find professionals like this in any field, whom can so effectively combine top skills with such empathy. He is a well-honed clinician and truly wonderful man, helping to heal my nose physically and helping to heal the emotional awkwardness up with my brother. I am forever indebted to him for his excellent care (from pre-op diagnosis to surgery to post-op follow-up) and human grace.


Mommy Makeover – 35 Year Old Mom of Four…Wanted Her Body Back!! Dr. Gerut is beyond amazing and I would recommend him to all!!


Eyelid Surgery – Thank You Dr. Gerut for making me a happy woman! Dr Gerut is honest, compassionate, and has confirmed what my clients have told me about him. The night of my surgery Dr. Gerut called to ask how I was feeling, as did Dr. Lou (anesthesiologist)and the next morning Mindy his office manager. Dr Gerut truly cares abt your recovery and comfort. I am 63 yrs. old, I showed him a pic of me when I was 38, it’s been 8 mos. since my surgery, my eyes look natural and amazing…I love my eyes!!! I highly recommend Dr Gerut, he is a fantastic, talented surgeon!


Lower Face Lift – An architect to beauty! I could not be happier! From my first consultation to my latest post operative appointment, Dr. Gerut was kind and patient and always listened to me and cared about my wishes and my feelings. I got exactly the natural look that I wanted and the hands of time have been moved back!! U get so many comments on how wonderful I look and I know that I feel great! You will never find a doctor who has a better bedside manner than Dr. Gerut! I would never go to or recommend anyone else.


Neck Lift – For Years Walked Around with “Turkey Neck”. Had a Beautiful Collection of Scarfs. Doctor Zacksry Gerut is an amazing plastic surgeon! His mission is to listen to you, not to decide for you. His goal is for you to feel good with yourself! I ended up doing my neck, face, eyes. The results are very natural, which that’s the way I was planning to see myself. The office staff is very friendly, knowledgeable , polite, warm. many thanks to Mindy, Karina, Joanna, Sonia, beautiful ladies!!! I will very much recommend Doctor Zacksry Gerut and office to all my friends, family and anyone that will ask my opinion. That’s the place to go, do not look farther!!! And no, I”m not a relative, I”m a very happy, thankful 67 years “young” grandmother!!!!


Facial Reconstructive Surgery – 56 Years Old. Dr. Gerut is Amazing!! He is a professional caring gentleman.When I went for my consultation he actually listened to what I wanted.He made feel so comfortable during surgery and called that night several times. From the front desk to the nurse my experience at the office was professional ,caring . I am So happy with Dr.Gerut his work is incredible .


Breast Lift with Implants – Breast lift with augmentation under the muscle, from the best Dr around Dr Gerut. My name is Linda and I am 54 years old . Today I had a breast lift with augmentation under the muscle. Dr Gerut not only is the best plastic surgeon around. He delivers what he says., with no bull s#%t and that is another reason why I feel he is amazing. He is honsest and upfront. I knew I was in good hands with him, he is also one of the most kindest men I ever met. I can honestly say I LOVE him. He has the best bedside manner and took such good care of me and I will be forever greatful to him. Before the surgery he came in and went over everything honestly and to the point. AlI I can do was give him a hug. His staff bar none is the best, he is surroundd by a wonderful staff. I was nervous today but they assured me I will be ok and boy were they right. Dr Lu,the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me before the surgery he was so kind and took the time to explain everything. The OR nurses where so amazing!!!! What can I say, Joanne one of the kindest nurses I have ever met and Katarina as well, and the others nurses so nurturing and caring, I knew I was in the best of hands. I am about 6 hours post op and I have to say I feel great. Anyone contemplating lift with augmentation, go for it, do it for yourself !!!!! Dr Gerut is your man. I promise you will not be sorry. Dr Gerut thank you so much for all you did for me from the bottom of my heart.


Revision Rhinoplasty – Nose Revision at Age 19. Dr. Gerut gave me a better experience than I could have even asked for. Besides the perfectly constructed nose that he made me, he also was gentle when removing my stitches (since I have a fear of getting stitches removed because the first doctor yanked them out and was not gentle in the least), he treated me like an individual and didn’t just tell me that he does a hundred noses a day and finally he really took the time to show me he cares by constantly keeping in touch before and after surgery. I could not recommend him more.

C8C7 – JANUARY 2017

Breast Augmentation – 34A 350cc Silicone Transaxillary 135lbs 5’3 Athlete BA. Dr. Gerut really took the time during my consultation to answer any questions and although I’m sure he does BA consults a hundred times a week, he made me feel important. He called me the evening before, after, and the next day to follow up and check on my status. His staff- from the administrators at the desk to the nurses were so incredibly kind and attentive. I feel great and would recommend him 100x over.


Breast Lift with Implants – Best cosmetic dr in New York. I couldn’t have been treated better. And have used him for 2 decades for various procedures and we elated with the results and so well done it looked natural . Service is beyond amazing the work outstanding .


Eyelid Surgery – Dr. Gerut – Simply the Best. For a decade I wanted to have my upper and lower eyelids done. Finally, at the age of 62, I did it! A friend of mine had used Dr. Gerut and I could not believe how amazing she looked. From the first visit, it was a wonderful experience. The staff is sincere, very kind and will answer any questions you may have. Dr. Gerut sat with me for more than an hour. I never felt rushed or like I was just another patient in a long line. I had also gone to three other doctors for consults and not one of them took the time that Dr. Gerut did. The procedure was done in the office and took about two hours. On a scale of 1-10, the pain level never went above a 5. For a few days my vision was blurry, as I was told it would be, but after about 4 days, I was able to watch TV and read a magazine. The recovery is a process and every time I texted Dr. Gerut, he texted me back within 30 seconds. It is now almost three weeks and I could not be happier. The scars are so small and I know as time goes by the small amount of scarring will only improve. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Gerut.


Rhinoplasty – Amazing. Dr. Gerut literally changed my life. For years I hated how my nose looked and had trouble breathing. I went in for a consultation and we came up with a computer generated image of how my nose would look after reconstruction. I love my new nose and I now walk around confidently and proud. He made me feel extremely comfortable and explained everything that he was going to do and why. I would recommend him to anyone looking to have surgery.


Breast Augmentation – Finally Got the Courage. Dr. Gerut made me feel comfortable from my first consultation, and even to this day. His entire office staff has wonderful bedside manners and are always so friendly and happy.


Tummy Tuck – 36, 5 Kids – Long Island, NY. I can not say anything bad. The staff is amazing. The moment you walk in the door you will fall in love wit them. Dr Gerut is just so nice, honest and his work is out of this world. Right after surgery my nurse held my hand the whole time and made me feel at ease. Dr Gerut’s PA sat with me patiently answering my same question over again (I was convinced I couldn’t breath-which is normal because your muscles are pulled so tight). The anathesiologist…well he held my hand too. Let’s just say there was a lot of hand holding and I’m a big baby when it comes to surgery. He answered all my questions both pre and post op. I was blessed that Dr Gerut has such a great team and they treat you like family from the very first phone call. This is my second surgery with Dr Gerut and I can tell you for sure when you meet him you will know your search for a great doctor is over.
If I can give any advice it would be read your post op instructions and don’t try to be a hero. I under medicated and was in agony. Oh and you might feel like you are never going to stand up straight again but you will 😉


Rhinoplasty – The Best of The Best. I had nothing but an amazing experience with Dr. Gerut. I truly felt safe and in good hands with Dr. Gerut along with everyone working amongst him. I referred 4 friends and they all had amazing outcomes and couldn’t be happier. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else to my loved ones. I now have the perfect nose I always wanted!


Neck Lift – Age Related – Hewlett, NY. Dr. Gerut was fabulous. Loved the final outcome.

JULIAFS123 – JUNE 2016

Rhinoplasty – Wonderful experience from start to finish – Long Island City, NY. I was nervous about getting my nose done at first, but from my very first consultation Dr. Gerut earned my complete trust. He spent a long time with me in my first appointments making sure that my nose would look exactly like what I had envisioned, and ensuring that it would look great with my face. He and his staff made me feel comfortable and cared for throughout my surgical process, and I couldn’t be happier with my results. I couldn’t have asked for better! I feel more beautiful than ever!


Rhinoplasty – Deviated Septum and Bump – Hewlett, NY. I can not say enough about Dr. Gerut. Not only is he extremely professional and experienced but he truly cares about his patients and wants the best for them. He takes the time to make the patient feel comfortable and confident. I am so greatful that Dr Gerut was the surgeon in the operating room when my deviated septum was more complicated than expected. He truly is one of the most professional and considerate doctors I have met.


Smart Lipo – Dr. Gerut and His Staff Are Truly Amazing – Hewlett, NY. I had always carried extra weight in my thighs for someone of my size, and it had always been a point of self consciousness for me, that is until Dr. Gerut was able to change that. I was worried about a few things before surgery: the pain, the recovery time, and what my results would look like. Dr. Gerut and his staff were able to answer all of my questions, and I went into surgery much less afraid. They were honest and upfront about what my level of pain would be afterward, so I knew what to expect, and it wasn’t terrible. They explained to me that with smart lipo the recovery time would be less than it would be with regular liposuction, and I was able to go back to work in less than a week (about 5 days). And finally, Dr. Gerut was very clear that results wouldn’t be obvious immediately, but that it would be well worth it in the end, and it absolutely was! By two weeks after surgery, my thighs were already smaller than they were before the procedure. At about a month after the procedure I thought it couldn’t get any better, but the results continued to improve all the way up to about 6 months later. I had never had a gap between my thighs in my life, but at 6 months post-op I looked in the mirror and there it was! I couldn’t imagine having had a better doctor than Dr. Gerut!


Breast Augmentation – I’ve Been Wanting This for So Long! – Hicksville, NY. He is very professional and happy to answer all your questions. I am happy I chose him for my breast augmentation. He did an amazing job!


Breast Lift with Implants – 41 Years Old, 3 Kids Breast Feed, Breast Lift and Implants Best Decision I’ve Ever Made. Hewlett, NY. Dr. Gerut was imformative, patient, and has a great bed side manner.


Breast Reduction – 25yrs Ago I Was His Patient .. Remember the Doc Doll – Long Island City, NY. Dr. Gerut.. Wouldn’t go anywhere else .. I moved to Florida and I’m coming back to see doc after 25yrs .. Can’t wait


Eye Bags Treatment – So Happy with my Eyes – Long Island, NY. I look so much younger and feel great! People think I look younger !! And I love my self so much more. Dr Gerut was the sweetest nicest dr I have ever went to . He answered all my questions before the surgery and made me feel comfortable. I recommend dr Gerut to everyone and I will keep recommending him


Breast Lift – Thank You Dr. Gerut! – Hewlett, NY. Dr. Gerut did an amazing job on my breast implants. I went from less than an A to a natural looking C cup. I experienced virtually no pain & no scarring. More than anything, Dr. Gerut is one of the kindest people I’ve ever met and I he is the most caring doctor I have ever had the privilege to know.

KPAT718 – APRIL 2015

Breast Augmentation – My Final Results 30 Mom of One – Hewlett, NY. The staff is very compassionate ,understanding and non judgmental. The doctor is amazing and kind. From the secretary to the nurses. They are very genuine I liked that.


30…first Surgery Ever…lipo Fat Transfer to Hips – Hewlett, NY. Well I am very nervous about the whole process but excited for my new body(I am also getting breast implants. I hope it turns out as good as the image in my head. I cannot even believe the day came this fast.I am also anxious as hell. I haven’t told anyone in my family for the fear that they will try to talk me out of it (my family is conservative).


Breast Reduction – Thank you Dr. Gerut! – Hewlett, NY. He’s the most wonderful, caring, and great surgeon. I looked him up on line while searching for a plastic surgeon, he was my first choice, never went for another opinion, I felt so confident and I am so thankful for his help in making me understand completely what was involved in this type of surgery, it help me a lot in making the decision to go ahead with it. I was so pleased and amazed of his caring during my recovery at home, he followed up with phone calls and emails, I found it so personal and that made me feel important.


Eyelid Surgery – The Wonderful Doctor – Hewlett, NY. Dr. Gerut is by far the most Professional, Caring and Wonderful Doctor i have ever met. I have had quite a few procedures with Dr. Gerut and have Never been disappointed. Dr Gerut’s work ethic is One to brag about and his Work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! I am a 42 yr old woman that wanted my youthful looks back without going over the top. I couldnt be more pleased with my results. I highly recommend Dr Gerut and will continue to use him for any procedures i plan in the future.


Tummy Tuck Well Worth It! Whole New Me! Dr. G, by far, is the most humbled and dedicated professional I have met to date (and I’ve met many). His work is incredible and he is a perfectionist through and through. I must say, his goodness, kindness and decency as a human being is very much in line with his skills and insight as a surgeon. There is no way that anyone will be disappointed with him as their surgeon of choice. His office manager, Robin and the rest of the staff are second to none. They work cohesively and always seem to go the extra mile. In an office where most of the clientele appear to be very high end, I, coming from very humble means, can walk in there, unintimidated, knowing very well the care and the help I receive will be equal to all else. He has changed my life by sculpting me a new body. For these things and especially for him, I am very grateful.”



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